Building Effective Government Cost Proposals II


Subject: Double Feature Workshop Description

PART I: Business of the Business Issues

PART II: Cost Proposal Preparation and Submission

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Level of Instruction: Beginners to Intermediate Level Small Business Government Contractors. This workshop is designed to 1) inform participants of some of the road-bumps akin to the government contracting business and examine solutions, and 2) teach participants how to prepare compliant cost proposal submissions through hands-on exercises and free take-home basic pricing tools.

PART I: Business of the Business Issues PART II: Cost Proposal Preparation and Submission
Partial Outline Partial Outline
  • Procurement Language
  • Company infrastructure
  • Financial Resources
  • Company Financial Health Ratios
  • Accounting Systems
  • Cash Flow Cycle
  • Fraud – Cybercrime – Embezzlement
  • Business Development Protocol
  • Employee vs Independent Contractor
  • Contract Bonds
  • Records Retention Requirements
  • Office of Federal Contract Compliance Review
  • Affirmative Action Plan (AAP)
  • Procurement Process
  • Bid or not to Bid Decision
  • Applicable regulations and guidelines
  • Defective pricing
  • Contract types (FAR 16)
  • Monitoring contract burn rates
  • Cost proposal terms (FAR 31.001)
  • Uniform Contract Format sequence
  • Key pricing concerns by Contracting Officers
  • Cost proposal calculation sequence
  • Calculating the company wrap rate
  • Hands-on development of cost proposal spreadsheets
    • Direct Labor and Burdened Rates
    • Fringe, Overhead, G&A, ODC, and Fee calculations
    • Applying Indirect Rates
  • Service Contract Act
  • Dealing with odd and even-numbered DOL, Wage Determinations
  • Indirect Rate Cycle
  • Blended Rates
  • Sharpening your pencil

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is a perfect fit for 1) owners and staff members of new and emerging firms; 2) established firms breaking into the government-contracting arena; 3) new proposal program personnel; 4) sponsored programs staff members at minority institutions; 5) contracting officers who want a view from the contractor’s perspective; and 6) CPA’s, contract administrators, and other interested parties.

Participants Will Receive:

Digital training downloads of the workshop PowerPoint presentation and associated documents along with the interactive excel cost proposal spreadsheets pricing templates.


BEGCP | SBA Certified, SDB, and MBE Firms $399 each

BEGCP | Two or More Registrants $369 each

BEGCP | Early Bird (EB) -18-Code Registration (15 days prior to class) $329


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