A WINNING COST PROPOSAL GENERALLY PRODUCES THE FOLLOWING RESULTS: Meets or exceeds profit objectives Falls short of profit objectives with marginal returns Loses money and endangers company survival It is imperative that small businesses learn the process or get out of business. Safely visit here: https://rgflowersHello _0032.gr8.com/  for a free subscription to receive and view […]

Avoid the thorns of cost proposals

Are Thorns Surrounding Your Success With Cost Proposals?

#RGFCCTrainUp – Do You Know the “thorns” that surround Creating Effective Cost Proposals? 1. Not giving the customer what they ask for. 2. Giving the customer something they did not ask for. 3. Not following the instructions in the RFP Learn how to avoid these and other “prickly” issues that may stand in your way […]

Consistency in Gov't Contracts

Gaining a Consistent Spot in Gov’t Contracting

Did you know, 80% of top government contractors on the Fortune 100 List have remained consistently on the list for the last 20 years? Whereas only about 30% of the other companies on the List have remained. #RGFCCTrainingUp can provide you with the know-how to be successful with government contracts by attending the upcoming class: […]

RGFCC Delivers

Take a look at what we deliver to small businesses doing business with the government. 1. BUILDING EFFECTIVE GOV’T COST PROPOSALS II “Learn the various spreadsheets used to calculate compliant and responsive cost proposals” 2. ESTABLISHING INDIRECT RATES “Insight into preparing your company budget base on your actual cost pools (Fringe; Overhead; and G&A Expenses) […]

RGFCC Course Registration

Receive Prerequisite Proposal Knowledge

You’ve prepared your small business to meet the official certification guidelines to be eligible for government contracts. What’s next? #RGFCCTrainingUp can help you pull it all together, to make your contracting efforts more successful and more profitable. Get in on the September 20th Course “Building Effective Government Cost Proposals II” – https://rgflowers_0032.gr8.com


Your Accounting System is Much More Than a Software Package

Did you know that your QuickBooks could be an approved accounting system if set up and operated correctly? In this full-day workshop, you will learn how to modify and operate QuickBooks to meet government contracting requirements and pass your DCAA accounting system review. QuickBooks for Government Contractors is a LIVE, HANDS-ON CLASS. Learn how to […]

Start writing effective cost proposals

Finally, a way to avoid mistakes in cost proposal writing

“Building Effective Government Cost Proposals” is a series of tutorials specifically designed to: 1. Guide small business owners around many of the road-bumps akin to the government contracting business and provide solutions. 2. Teach small business owners how to prepare compliant cost proposal submissions through hands-on exercises and free take-home basic pricing tools. 3. RGFCC […]

RGFCC Training Up

It’s true what they say about early birds.

We all know what the early birds get…they get a tremendous discount for #RGFCCTrainingUp early registration. You’ll get the same quality education for less, simply because you are smart enough to take advantage of RGFCC Training Up Early Bird Registration: (30-days prior to the class date) Get the training you need to do business with […]