Get In Front Of the New Year

Get In Front of the New Year

Be better prepared to make your government contracting success a reality in the coming year. With #RGFCCTrainingUp you’ll gain understanding and the facts on the financial essentials you’ll need to succeed, and how to apply the tools to your companies contracting processes: Balance Sheet Income Statement Accounts Receivable Aging Accounts Payable Aging Statement of Cash […]


Do You Know the RIGHT MOVES to Make?

Do You Know the RIGHT MOVES to Make With Cash Flow Management? Know when, where, and how your cash needs will occur Know the best sources for meeting additional cash needs Be prepared to meet these needs when they occur Use the best starting point: develop cash flow projection At the time of submission your […]

NumbersYourCompanyShould Know


ESSENTIAL FINANCIAL NUMBERS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT YOUR COMPANY: Cash Balance Current Ratio Proposed Wrap Rate Actual Wrap Rate Average Collection Period Contract backlog Get your free subscription to receive and view vital government contractor cost proposal and allied information through our videos, podcast, and blogging/newsletters, and “#RGFCCTrainingUp” live class schedules.


Some important question you should have answers to: • Can I push up Indirect Rate Items (IDR) to the next Tier? • Can I lower Direct Labor Rates? • Do I have too many labor categories? • Are labor categories classified correctly? • Can I lower Direct Labor Hours? • Can I get better pricing […]

Don’t Bid Too Low for a Contract.

Avoid Bidding Too Low, To High, or Exactly On the Budget for a Contract.

Low bidding is is the oldest tricks in the procurement book. Many firms believe that the lowest bid will be the most attractive, even in a best-value proposal. However, that lowest-of-the-low bid is a red flag to government officials. They know immediately when a low bid is unrealistic and that the company is expecting to […]

demysitying indirect cost

Demystify the Indirect Cost Process.

Are you and your staff wrapped up in the enigma surrounding indirect rates? If your company has two or more years’ experience with government contracting, and you are still struggling with the procurement process, the #RGFCCTrainingUp course for “ESTABLISHING BASIC INDIRECT RATES” will demystify the indirect cost process. Receive a certificate of training and 6 […]


Contracts create recurring revenue

Even if you have not been successful in the past with winning profitable contracts #RGFCCTrainingUp can provide you with solutions to get your company into “recurring income.” Learn how to make contracts work better for your company.